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Case Study: Integrated Telehealth with MatrixCare & CarDon

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This case study demonstrates how the existing partnership between Third Eye Health and MatrixCare paves the way for integrated care.  CarDon, a Midwest-based post-acute operator, recently sought out Third Eye Health to provide physician consultations to residents in their senior living communities over nights, weekends and holidays.  In addition to providing immediate physician access, improving quality measures, and reducing medical costs, a large factor that led CarDon to choose Third Eye Health was its existing partnership with MatrixCare and its ability to provide secure, integrated telehealth in real time. 


CarDon needed a solution that could positively impact return to hospital (RTH) rates by treating patients in place.  Once learning that the their EHR provider, MatrixCare, had an existing partnership with Third Eye Health, the decision in choosing a telehealth provider was easy.  Through secure integration, both the providers and nurses at CarDon and the Third Eye Health physicians have real-time access to patient records.  This is especially important as the quality of resident care relies deeply on accurate data.

“It really takes the work off of our staff, especially having the documents import directly into the resident documents section with the physician signature. We don’t have to wait days for these notes; they’re already in there.”

Brandy Armstrong, Director of Clinical Information at CarDon & Associates


The first six months of service by Third Eye Health resulted in an 88% average treat-in-place rate across over a dozen skilled nursing facilities, an improvement from the previous quarters, leading to fewer RTH and avoidable readmissions. Physician satisfaction has also improved, as primary providers are able to get some much needed rest by trusting the Third Eye Health physicians in the care of their patients, mirroring their own protocols.  Quality measures are improving, as well, including RTH reductions and clinical outcome improvements, all stemming from immediate physician access.  Warm hand-offs from Third Eye Health physicians to CarDon’s primary providers and nurse leaders through Third Eye Health’s Care Coordination daily summary reports ensure that patients continue receiving high quality care around the clock.


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