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Experienced, round-the-clock care at the bedside saves time and reduces costs while improving patient outcomes.

Access to Physicians

Beneficiaries have access to our experienced post-acute physicians after-hours on nights, weekends and holidays.

In-Network Retention

Decrease the risk of beneficiaries receiving out-of-network care, but treating them in place.

Improve Outcomes

Quick access to board-certified physicians enables orders to be carried out without delays, improving conditions before they get worse.

Reducing Cost of Care

Quick physician responses lead to improved conditions and the elimination of unnecessary transfers and hospitalizations that drive higher costs of care.

Call Coverage

Your providers experience higher levels of satisfaction with our call coverage relief.

A True Virtual Care Network with LTC ACO

Through a first-of-its-kind partnership, eligible participating LTC ACO provider groups and long-term care facilities benefit from after-hours bedside access to Third Eye Health physicians, specialists and local providers through our customizable, mobile telehealth technology. By joining LTC ACO, additional benefits are achieved:

Eliminate Telehealth Cost

LTC ACO sponsorship provides all residents access to Third Eye Health in your facility, not just long-term care beneficiaries.

24/7 Physician Coverage

LTC ACO sponsorship brings virtual physician access to all residents using Third Eye Health’s mobile-based telehealth technology.

Call Coverage Relief

Third Eye Health covers after-hours call on nights, weekends and holidays, relieving Medical Directors and attendings.

Care Coordination

Daily care summaries and warm-handoffs from Third Eye Health physicians to attending physicians through dedicated Care Coordination Managers.

Working directly with Third Eye Health, health plans improve post-acute care outcomes and quality measures while reducing the total cost of care.

Interested in Learning More?

See how our connected care works in action. We’ll be happy to show you just how easy it is to consult with one of our Third Eye Health physicians whenever your patients/residents need it.