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Connected Care

At Third Eye Health, we revolutionize care delivery for the skilled nursing care team and patients.

As the nation’s leading network of board-certified physicians for virtual post-acute care, we combine mobile technology with physician expertise, clinical care coordination and real-time analytics. By connecting the right people at the right time for every encounter, Third Eye Health delivers seamless, physician-led patient care during after-hours coverage periods, including nights, weekends and holidays.

Our fully integrated platform, physician network and care coordination services are built from a vision of flexibility, reliability and customer-centric support. We support you in delivering better care, your way. Like you, we believe patients’ needs matter most, and we understand that it takes continuous collaboration to provide the highest quality care. . That’s what makes Third Eye Health unique: We provide nurse-centric support for patient-centric care.

Virtual care is expanding, too. With Third Eye Health’s easy-to-use technology and physician expertise, we are making high-quality care available for the patient wherever they are in the post-acute continuum, including in their homes, assisted living and independent living.

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