Introducing the Virtual Care Network: Accessible Telehealth to ACO Beneficiaries

We are excited to announce Third Eye Health and LTC ACO have teamed up to create a first-of-its-kind virtual care network. The announcement of the partnership is the first step in providing 24/7 care to LTC ACO’s 6,000 existing beneficiaries, and future beneficiaries, as well. Under the partnership, provider groups and long-term care facilities, affiliated with LTC ACO, will have access to Third Eye Health Physicians providing night and weekend coverage at no additional charge. Under the umbrella of the ACO, provider groups and long-term care facilities will align with Third Eye Health, working together to improve quality metrics and outcomes. Beneficiaries will experience immediate bedside care, reducing unnecessary readmissions to the hospital.

Through their affiliation with LTC ACO, providers and long-term care facilities outside of Genesis Healthcare now have the ability to integrate Third Eye Health’s platform into their care processes. Beneficiaries will experience improved care. Physicians will experience improved work-life balance. Long-term care facilities will report fewer returns to hospitals. Collectively under the ACO, providers, long-term care facilities, and Third Eye Health – all held accountable for improving outcomes and quality metrics—will share in the savings once these goals are attained.

In 2020, Third Eye Health conducted over 100,000 moments of care in skilled nursing facilities nationwide, 90% of which we were able to treat-in-place. We are here to help.

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