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Virtual Care Excellence

For patients in post-acute care settings, we are an extension of your primary care team, ensuring highly specialized, physician-led care around the clock. Our telehealth technology virtually connects you and your nurses to board-certified physicians who provide high-quality care when it is needed during after-hours — nights, weekends and holidays.

After-Hours Care

During your stay as a patient, Third Eye Health is your primary after-hours provider, ensuring you have round-the-clock access to specialized care from a board-certified physician. Through our secure telehealth technology, you and your nurse interact directly with our physicians, who provide real-time evaluations and high-quality treatment.

Board Certified Physicians

Our team of Third Eye Health physicians is among the best in providing the specialized, attentive care you need. Our board-certified physicians are experienced in post-acute care and deliver the same high quality care you would receive in-person. Our physicians are also experts at virtual care delivery, working closely with your nursing team to ensure seamless bedside care.

Virtual Connections

With the touch of a button, your nurse can quickly connect with a physician. Securely, your nurse can text, share photos, and video chat with the Third Eye Health physician as though you are all in one room together. Connecting virtually allows for immediate care and attention, often preventing unnecessary trips to the emergency room or back to the hospital.

For Family & Caregivers

As family members and caregivers ourselves, we understand the importance of your role in your loved one’s health and well-being, and we encourage your involvement. When our physicians are called, you are welcome to be present to ask questions or address concerns. If you cannot be present, you may request to speak with the physician by calling 1-800-411-6768.

Consent & Billing

A consent form signed during admission allows Third Eye Health physicians to conduct care via telehealth. Billing for these encounters will come from our billing entity, Post-Acute Specialists.

Need Additional Assistance?

If you or someone you know has received care and services from us, you may have questions, and we are here to help. If you do not see the information you seek on this page, contact us online or call 1.800.411.6768