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On-call Support for 24/7 Quality Care

As your partner in virtual post-acute care, we are here to support you in providing 24/7 care for your patients:

Provider Satisfaction

Enjoy your time away from work, knowing that it won’t be interrupted by calls and that your patients are in excellent hands.

Call Coverage Relief

Never take call again. Our board-certified physicians cover your call shifts so you don’t have to.

Better Work-Life Balance

Reclaim your nights, weekends and holidays with ease, knowing your patients are in experienced hands.

Recruitment Tool

Win new recruits with the competitive edge of having no call coverage.

Eliminate Billing Conflict

Because we are separate entities, we do not interfere with your primary physician billing.

Care Coordination

You can be assured that you’ll receive all the information you need about your patient and that everyone has full awareness of the care plan.

Honor Existing Protocols & Policies

Trust that our physicians are delivering the same high quality of care through improving processes for sharing protocols and policies.

No Additional Patient Consent

During the admissions process, your patient is made aware of our after-hours services via telehealth and signs consent for care.

Receive Care Alert Notifications

Stay informed of a Third Eye Health physician encounter with our care alert notifications that come directly to your email.

Access to Our Telehealth Solution

Gain full access to our secure, EHR-integrated telehealth solution to consult patients remotely and conduct your own virtual visits.

A True Virtual Care Network with LTC ACO

Through a first-of-its-kind partnership, eligible participating LTC ACO provider groups and long-term care facilities benefit from after-hours bedside access to Third Eye Health physicians, specialists and local providers through our customizable, mobile telehealth technology. By joining LTC ACO, additional benefits are achieved:

Eliminate Telehealth Cost

LTC ACO sponsorship provides all residents access to Third Eye Health in your facility, not just long-term care beneficiaries.

24/7 Physician Coverage

LTC ACO sponsorship brings virtual physician access to all residents using Third Eye Health’s mobile-based telehealth technology.

Call Coverage Relief

Third Eye Health covers after-hours call on nights, weekends and holidays, relieving Medical Directors and attendings.

Care Coordination

Daily care summaries and warm-handoffs from Third Eye Health physicians to attending physicians through dedicated Care Coordination Managers.

“Our providers have experienced a better work-life balance since Third Eye Health started taking calls. The medical expertise of the Third Eye Health physicians complements the standards of care of our own providers’ practice. Knowing that trusted medical experts are overseeing the care of their patients gives our providers the opportunity to truly relax on nights and weekends, a positive impact when it comes to reducing burnout.”

– Richard A. Feifer, MD, MPH, FACP, President, Genesis Physician Services, Chief Medical Officer, Genesis HealthCare

Interested in Learning More?

See how our connected care works in action. We’ll be happy to show you just how easy it is to consult with one of our Third Eye Health physicians whenever your patients/residents need it.