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High Care Quality, Lower Costs

As your partner in virtual post-acute care, we are dedicated to seeing these improvements take place.

Clinical Support

With Third Eye Health, you have full transparency about patient care and can count on excellent service and technology.

Access to Physicians

Beneficiaries have access to our experienced post-acute physicians after-hours on nights, weekends and holidays.

Access to Integrated Technology

Secure, EHR-integrated telehealth technology at your fingertips.

Call Coverage Support

Primary physicians and outside provider groups experience higher satisfaction being relieved from call.

Collaboration Across the Care Continuum

Warm transitions from acute to post-acute to home through care coordination utilizing our telehealth solution.

Quality Improvement

With round-the-clock physician access, your beneficiaries receive high quality medical attention when they need it most, right at their bedside. Eliminating delays for treatment directly correlates with improvements in quality measures and outcomes.

Effectively Manage Risk

Reduce admission rates and unnecessary emergency room visits by treating beneficiaries in place.

Increase Quality Metrics and Outcomes

With treat-in-place metrics on the rise, more beneficiaries experience improved outcomes, raising quality metrics that directly impact star ratings and shared savings reimbursements.

Deploy ACO and Health System Treatment Protocols

Ensure protocols are followed while patients are being treated in post-acute.

Analytic Insights

Real-time reporting on beneficiaries receiving care in post-acute tracks quality metrics.

Economic Benefits

Take advantage of new revenue opportunities, lower care costs and higher quality.

Additional Revenue Opportunities

Open the door for billing opportunities from site origination fees, paired with cost savings from reduced bed holds.

Future Alignment of Value-Based Health Care Plans

Rewarding care quality improvements and decreasing health care costs through shared savings incentives are accelerated by the inclusion of our telehealth services.

Community Partnerships

Let your results speak to your standing as a preferred provider.

Strengthen Local Ties

As quality and outcomes improve, affiliates continue to build their reputation as preferred providers.

Reduce System Leakage

Keep beneficiaries in the same network.

A True Virtual Care Network with LTC ACO

Through a first-of-its-kind partnership, eligible participating LTC ACO provider groups and long-term care facilities benefit from after-hours bedside access to Third Eye Health physicians, specialists and local providers through our customizable, mobile telehealth technology. By joining LTC ACO, additional benefits are achieved:

Eliminate Telehealth Cost

LTC ACO sponsorship provides all residents access to Third Eye Health in your facility, not just long-term care beneficiaries.

24/7 Physician Coverage

LTC ACO sponsorship brings virtual physician access to all residents using Third Eye Health’s mobile-based telehealth technology.

Call Coverage Relief

Third Eye Health covers after-hours call on nights, weekends and holidays, relieving Medical Directors and attendings.

Care Coordination

Daily care summaries and warm-handoffs from Third Eye Health physicians to attending physicians through dedicated Care Coordination Managers.

“The addition of Third Eye Health as a partner with LTC ACO enables immediate 24/7 acute-level care to our beneficiaries, aligning associated long-term care facilities and providers as we work together to improve outcomes and quality metrics. Mutually beneficial, both our partners and our beneficiaries experience the rewarding effects of their service and telehealth technology.”

–    Jason Feuerman, President & CEO, LTC ACO

Interested in Learning More?

See how our connected care works in action. We’ll be happy to show you just how easy it is to consult with one of our Third Eye Health physicians whenever your patients/residents need it.