Provider Groups and Third Eye Health Align with LTC ACO

LTC ACO brought on the leading telehealth provider for post-acute and long-term care, Third Eye Health, earlier this year to enhance its quality improvement efforts. Their partnership marks the first of its kind where providers, health systems and now telehealth are aligned in rolling out quality initiatives to reduce the cost of long-term care.  Together, they work toward a common goal of positively moving the needle for outcomes and quality measures that impact the value of care they are providing.

By adding Third Eye Health to the mix, beneficiaries now can be consulted by a physician at their bedside 24/7.  When an in-person visit is not possible on nights, after-hours, weekends, or holidays, Third Eye physicians can be reached within minutes and consult a beneficiary right in place, positively influencing the caliber of care beneficiaries receive.  They no longer risk being transferred to the ER for conditions or issues that could be treated in place.

Provider groups are especially supportive of this new partnership between LTC ACO and Third Eye Health.  Being relieved of call, they can rest easy knowing beneficiaries will continue to receive high quality care. In turn, providers get their weekends and evening back, restoring a proper balance between work and personal life and improving their overall professional satisfaction.

The clinical expertise from the Third Eye Health physicians complements the care from the primary providers.  Protocols and processes established by the Medical Director are carried through by Third Eye Health physicians and medical alerts are provided following all Third Eye Health consultations.  Additionally, with secure EHR integrations, Third Eye Health physicians can review medical records, protocols, as well as write notes and orders that are sent directly into the medical record. This transparency enables warm hand-offs from the primary provider to the Third Eye Health physician and then back to the primary provider, again.

Around the clock care has several advantages appealing to those provider groups affiliated with LTC ACO.  Primarily, the ability to treat in place when a change of condition is first noticed prevents the condition from worsening.  This also prevents the heightened risk associated with transfers to the ER, including added stressors during transportation and exposure to new illnesses, which can be taxing on the beneficiary’s clinical outcomes. The likelihood of readmission once in the ER is also high and comes with a large price tag attached. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the beneficiary will be discharged back to the same facility following readmission.

With Third Eye Health now available to reduce the returns to the hospital during nights, after-hours, weekends, and holidays, LTC ACO and its affiliates see this partnership as vital to driving further value.  Beneficiaries are treated in place.  Clinical outcomes improve.  Returns to acute care and hospital readmissions decrease.  And beneficiaries remain within the clinically integrated network for care.  Care quality rises while associated costs are minimized.