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Frequently Asked Questions

 See below for answers to some of our most common questions at Third Eye Health:

Third Eye Health works with skilled nursing facility operators and EHR providers, such as PointClickCare and MatrixCare, to securely integrate physician notes and orders directly into the facility’s EHR. Additionally, skilled nursing administrators, Directors of Nursing and providers have access to Third Eye Health’s secure dashboard to review all Third Eye Health physician notes and orders.

Depending on the shift (night vs. weekend), typically 5-10 physicians are scheduled to take calls for your patients. Third Eye Health physicians are credentialed for the particular state where they are delivering care. More than 10 physicians are credentialed for each state.

Physicians find value in being able to take off nights, weekends and holidays. This benefit has also been used as a recruitment tool when trying to hire nurse practitioners and other staff members who would otherwise be taking calls during after-hours coverage periods.

Nurses recognizing a change in condition or needing to initiate a consultation with a Third Eye Health physician through Third Eye Health’s secure telehealth application.

Yes. Telehealth originating site facility fee is 80% of the lesser of the actual charge, or $27.02. Skilled nursing facilities are eligible to bill for the originating site facility fee, a separately billable Part B payment. It is for any patient in the skilled nursing facility, long or short term, who has Medicare Part B benefits. Most Medicare Advantage & private insurers also offer site origination reimbursement. Each plan outside of Medicare Part B should be confirmed.

Third Eye Health physicians will be fully credentialed with EHR access and the ability to give orders and prescribe for patients. Third Eye Health physicians do not adjust long-term medications; only bridge refills are provided. Third Eye Health physicians can e-prescribe schedule II medications, removing the need for hard copy triplicates. 

During the implementation process, physicians will have the opportunity to meet with your Senior Medical Director to discuss your program and policies. Those protocols are then “hard coded” into Third Eye Health’s EHR. When responding to a consult request, Third Eye Health physicians will be automatically presented with your policies and protocols. Third Eye Health clinical leadership is always available to customize our program based on your feedback and requirements.

The patient or family signs a consent for care upon admission specifically for Third Eye Health’s telehealth services. All video encounters are “live streamed” and considered equivalent to a live physician in the room as it relates to privacy. From a consent perspective, Third Eye Health physicians providing after-hours care serve the same role as a traditional after-hours call service.

Third Eye Health serves as the on-call physician during after-hours periods, typically 7 p.m. – 7 a.m. on weekdays, plus weekends and holidays. Standard protocol specifies that the nurse should contact Third Eye Health for any reason when needing to consult a physician. This expedites care and provides much-needed relief to the primary care provider.

Third Eye Health provides training for all center nurses, Directors of Nursing and Administrators on how to contact a Third Eye Health physician using the Third Eye Health SecureChat app. 

After logging into the app on a Third Eye Health-designated iPad, the nurse selects the patient needing a consultation, which should populate from the EHR integration. The nurse answers a few quick questions regarding the patient’s condition and taps the “Contact On-Call Clinician” button. Very quickly (less than 2 minutes on average), a Third Eye Health physician will respond through the app’s text feature.

Third Eye Health physicians have access to the facility’s EHR through a secure integration process, providing access to patient medical records. Additionally, nurses are able to photograph and share images of records (hospital discharge orders, lab reports, etc..) that may not yet be found in the patient’s EHR.

  • Treat-in-place rate
  • Transfers to hospital/ER
  • Hospital admissions
  • Chief complaints initiating consultation
  • Physician response time
  • Type of consultation

Attending providers can elect to receive care alert notifications. An automated email is sent with a link to Third Eye Health’s Care Coordination Dashboard. A clinical summary is available, including all Third Eye Health physician notes. There is even a “chat” feature to engage with the Third Eye Health physician or Care Coordination Manager. All notes and signed orders are sent back to the originating EHR.

No. Third Eye Health-associated physician billing will not interfere with billing from attending physicians because we are different provider group entities (also different specialties, for the most part).

  • Third Eye Health will bill only for night and weekend calls when an encounter meets the standards for billing.
  • The codes that Third Eye Health bills (CPT 99307-10) can be billed one time per day per patient per provider group.
  • Third Eye Health does not bill the H&P codes.

Yes, call 800-411-6768 or e-mail hello@thirdeyehealth.net to connect with us today.