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Patient Safety in Virtual Care

When it comes to telehealth, patient safety not only applies to physical safety, but also keeping medical records secure in a digital environment.  Introducing new technologies, or any technology for that matter, in a healthcare setting requires applications with the highest levels of security for this very reason. It is essential that medical records and […]

Aligning Provider Groups and Telehealth

LTC ACO brought on the leading telehealth provider for post-acute and long-term care, Third Eye Health, earlier this year to enhance its quality improvement efforts. Their partnership marks the first of its kind where providers, health systems and now telehealth are aligned in rolling out quality initiatives to reduce the cost of long-term care.  Together, […]

Organizational Overview

Third Eye Health provides world-class medical care in post-acute and long-term care settings, preventing unnecessary trips to the hospital by treating residents and patients in place. Through its comprehensive program, Third Eye Health has developed the nation’s most utilized post-acute virtual care network consisting of over 80 board-certified physicians.  Third Eye Health’s physician-led virtual care, […]

Compounding Issues for Post-Acute Clinicians

  Originally, to highlight the compounding issues for post-acute clinicians, this article was meant to have a funny tag line like, “Doctors are People, too,” an attempt to tease out the fact that physicians have regular lives like the rest of us.  An allusion to the idea that in order to be better physicians, they […]

Case Study: Integrated Telehealth with MatrixCare & CarDon

This case study demonstrates how the existing partnership between Third Eye Health and MatrixCare paves the way for integrated care.  CarDon, a Midwest-based post-acute operator, recently sought out Third Eye Health to provide physician consultations to residents in their senior living communities over nights, weekends and holidays.  In addition to providing immediate physician access, improving […]