Purpose built technology enabled medical services

Made to meet the needs of long term care and post acute organizations. Gain access to the best board certified post acute experts through technology that disappears into the background.

Medical Team

Specially recruited, trained and deployed in two minutes on nights & weekends and next day for specialist care.


Mobile first application that is easy to use, reliable, and provides access to the doctor with a one button push.


Implementation & support model that drives nursing staff & primary care physician engagement.


Improve care quality by reducing acute transfers and readmissions by up to 60%.

Your post acute telehealth expert

State licensed, board-certified post acute experts are available for 24/7 medical coverage with specialists available on request.


Third Eye Health experts follow post acute best practices and protocols based on thousands of telehealth encounters. 

Coverage includes  nurse follow-ups for care coordination with nursing staff and primary care physicians.


Seamless technology that disappears into the background

Easy to Use

Designed for the nursing staff first so they can reach our physicians in two minutes with a simple one button push.

Mobile and Robust

Access everything a traditional telehealth cart does from a mobile device that is compatible with EKGs and digital stethoscopes.

Fits the Workflow

Full EHR integration with simple data sharing to keep the focus on medical care.


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